The deathly business of refugees in Libya

This Facebook page is managed by a smuggler « working » between Tripoli and Zuwarah, on the western coast. His « mission » is to put refugees on the inflatable boats from Libya to Italy. The price is $400 from Tunisia to Italy and $1000 from Libya to Italy (« discount for families »). Some smugglers are working also as coast guards and had received training paid by E.U. The refugees have to choose between staying in the so-called camps in Libya where they live in inhumane conditions, beaten by the militiamen or risking their life crossing the Mediterranean.

It could shock the westerners but, unfortunately, in Libya, this is a popular business. A lot of people are involved – militias, tribes, politicians, terrorist organisations… It creates an economy generating millions $ per year, everything under the eyes of the world.

Last week, Aquarius boat belonging to SOS MEDITERRANEE France rescued 946 refugees

. Two days ago, at least 250 persons disappeared in the Mediterranean. Winter has finished, the beautiful days are coming, how many people will die before the world wakes up?


By Tom FNX.

© 2017 « Freedom of Writing » All rights reserved.


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